Practices of integration and local networks in Small and Medium-Sized Towns: Insights from the project PISTE


Kerstin Schenkel (a cura di)
Sven Messerschmidt (a cura di)
Katrin Grossmann (a cura di)


Small and Medium Sized Towns , Political participation, Migration studies, Incorporation


This book is based on empirical research in the four case studies of the project Piste. Firstly, a background analysis of the regulatory framework for migrants' integration and participation has been conducted for all four countries and localities (Bebra, Germany; Ferimignano, Italy; Voio, Greece; Ninove, Belgium). Through the policy documents' analysis, it was possible to distinguish the intended goals of integration policy at the national, regional and local levels. Secondly, an empirical study of local networks and practices of integration and political participation has been compiled using qualitative methods like focus group interviews and up to 30 semi-structured interviews in each case study. The interviewees were key actors from politics and administration at municipal and supra-local level, independent or publicly hired operators from social services, and civil society actors, including representatives of immigrant associations and individuals of migrant origin who are holding political positions. These analyses represent a step towards policy experimentation and the development of guidelines for integration and participation policies in small and medium-sized towns.


febbraio 23, 2023



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