Strategic Decision-Making in International Context: Proceedings of the 1st Interdisciplinary Workshop on “Strategic Decision-Making in International Context”


Fabio Musso


Table of Contents

Fabio Musso

Rationality, heuristics and biases in strategic decisions Foreword   pag.   7

Section I ‒ Extended Abstracts

Simone Guercini , Matilde Milanesi, Andrea Runfola, 

Cognizione e regole di decisione per l’entrata nei mercati esteri  pag. 21

Izabela Kowalik, Lidia Danik, Agnieszka Pleśniak, Elżbieta Duliniec

SMEs’ decision making and entrepreneurial orientation. A focus on the Polish international new ventures   pag. 35

Clara Benevolo, Lara Penco, Teresina Torre

Global strategies and entrepreneurial firms: the role of the entrepreneur’s features in the decision-making process   pag. 43

Maria Rosaria Marcone

Innovative open processes in the international supply side relationships. Analysis of MSFs cases   pag. 53

Michela Matarazzo , Lara Penco , Giorgia Profumo

Digital transformation and internationalization in Made in Italy SMEs: a capabilities perspective   pag. 61

Nikolaos Papazoglou

Ιnter-industrial comparison of the firms’ financial Performance   pag. 73

Section II ‒ Full Papers

Valentina Macovei , Birgit Hagen .

Causation, effectuation and bricolage in entry mode decisions   pag.  85

Anna Claudia Pellicelli, Claudia Franzè

Strategie di marketing internazionale: L’impatto della customer education sulla percezione del Made  in Italy nel settore agroalimentare   pag. 115

Federica Cavallo, Amedeo Maizza

Le enodestinazioni italiane di successo: un confronto 2008-2018  pag. 129

Luciano Pilotti, Alessandra Micheletti

Causality and effects "beyond" strategy reinforcing organization: the process of decoupling decisions-actions towards ecologies        pag.   151

Revathi Palat Rao 

Achieving Global competitiveness in International wine markets: The role of knowledge sharing and value chain upgradation             pag.   167

Daniele Giampaoli, Francesca Sgrò, Massimo Ciambotti

Capitale intellettuale, processi decisionali strategici e performance internazionale nelle PMI italiane   pag.      177

Aldo Bellagamba

Le esperienze lavorative dei fondatori nella nascita delle imprese “born regional”: il caso di due produttori di cappe del distretto di Fabriano   pag.     191

Bettina C.K. Binder

Women on Boards and How their Number Could Be Increased with the Help of a Performance Cycle of Value Creation pag. 211

Ebenezer Yemi Akinkoye, Israel Seriki Akinadewo, Titilayo Moromoke  Oladejo

Extent of Agency Cost among Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria: Sector Analysis   pag. 229

Mirian Palmeira , Elder Semprebon , Fabio Musso

Recovery Marketing as a Fresh Start Tool for Economies after Devastation. Preliminary Study and Approach Proposal pag. 241

Israel Seriki Akinadewo 

Sectoral Analysis of Tax Evasion in Lagos State, Nigeria: Stakeholders’ Perspectives   pag. 255



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